From the Provincial’s Desk,

We are happy to launch our Mumbai Province website. The importance of media and digital world has grown exponentially over the last century. The world has grown into a “global village”. At the click of the mouse, the whole world comes to our room and we get connected with the people all around the globe.

During my visit abroad to contact our benefactors and friends, many asked me whether we have a website. I had to tell them that we are planning one. They wanted to know the details of our work and activities. Today every company and organization showcases its work and products through its website.

So here we are with our website! It will give a fairly good idea of our Province- the geographical area, the people with whom we work and our various activities which are mainly pastoral, educational and social and we shall remain connected with the latest updates of our work.

  We thank Mr. Allen Fernandes for his help in designing our website. We thank all our friends and well wishers who support and assist us in our work and wish them God’s blessings.

May our Mumbai province and all that we do especially for the poor and the marginalized be blessed by God!

Fr. Hilario Fernandes, sfx

(Provincial Superior)