What We Believe

The Society intends principally to make Jesus Christ present among those who do not yet know Him and among Christians who have become indifferent to Him. It members are pioneer missionaries who live and work as the Messengers of the Good News, as his Prophets and as His Teachers.

Each one of us have voluntary joined the Society to carry on the missionary call given to us by God. It belongs to the core of Christian calling to reach out to the others with the good news and to speak without embarrassment about what we have heard and seen with our own eyes…watched and touched with our hands,” (1 Jn 1:1). To be an effective evangelizer to tell the Story of Jesus, there are enough suggestions and directives in our Constitutions and Directory. We also need to ponder on those missionary approaches and methods that have proved their validity in the past. Similarly the General Chapters too have a great role to play to discern God’s will and help the members to be focused on a given path namely the mission statement.

The Society also rededicates itself to the service and uplift of our fellow countrymen through its members, men imbued with love of God, spirit of service and deep spirituality, men who can conduct a dialogue with them, understand their difficulties, appreciate their true cultural and religious values, acknowledge in their centuries-old groping after God, the workings of divine grace; and finally lead the teeming millions of India towards the fullness of Truth, Life and Light. Study of the languages and cultures of the people in the mission areas, sincere dialogue with the people of other faiths we live with, respect and appreciation for their values, solidarity and cooperation with people of all faiths will enable us to build a new Society based on peace and transform the world into an abode of love.