Our Apostolate

Our members in the Province are working in 16 parishes, 4 chaplaincies, and  in 23 schools (6 Higher secondary schools, 12 High schools and 5 Primary Schools) and 4 feeder schools are also looked after by them. Out of these, the Schools at Khempur and Vadtal are under the Diocese but looked after by us.  We are also involved in Social work. 


Most of our established parishes are well organized with the Laity fully involved, whereas in the rural parishes/chaplaincies have programmes tailored as per the needs of the Parish/Chaplaincy. Faith formation of the children is given special attention with well-organized Sunday school programme. The Mission of Daman has been organizing various programmes for school children, youth, women etc. Most of the parishes have Small Christian Communities . The participation has been encouraging. When we visit a village, we make it a point to visit all people. 


Education has virtually become the main apostolate of our Province. In the educational apostolate, we stress on the all round development of each child. We also follow an all inclusive approach. Celebrations of all religions are encouraged during various festival of different religions. We try our best to inculcate human values through media, pep talks, various cultural programmes etc Some seminars and motivational sessions are organized for teachers and students of higher classes in some of the schools.

Social Apostolate:

 a) Tribal Hostels in the Province play a very important role in our apostolate. We have 10 hostels of which two are in Gujarat and 8 in the Mission of Daman. Our Hostels can be best means to share the basic values and prepare good citizens for our country. Therefore we need to pay more attention to the hostels. It is encouraging that there is an increase in the number of students in the hostels. But we need to give a better attention to the students in the hostels and improve their living conditions. This will be possible with the help of the friends and benefactors as we do not get any help from the Government.

 b)We have a registered society looking after the social work. It has been doing good work of running 32 tuition centres in the villages of Mission of Daman. We need to explore new avenues and more opportunities to reach out to the people in their needs. Our fathers reach out to people whenever there are natural tragedies like floods, pandemic etc.